Keiki Musicians Get Inspiration from the Stage!

You want to play an instrument... and you know that it is good!   You want to play now!  So LET"S GET STARTED!

Maui Music Mission:

We are dedicated music education for children ages 6 - 12, regardless of financial or logistical barriers.  We teach music as a language art; with fun, fast-paced and challenging programs; and we believe in the immense benefits of music; especially the critical impact that it provides to the development of children.  

Why Choose Music?

Excites the Brain!

Music causes brain synapses to fire at a rate not seen by any other activity.  The brain is awake and alive with music!!

Furthers Tradition

Every world culture expresses it's beliefs through music.  It is a critical connection to our humanity.

Makes a Healthy Body and Mind!

Music causes many physical responses in the body including movement and memory!

Expresses Emotions

Passion, deep longings, pain, joy, and awe are bravely expressed through music!

Creative Avenue

Musical instruments and components are the tools which inspire us to create expressive works of art!

Essential in Child Development

From the ages of 8 - 12 most kids are experiencing rapid physical growth.  This is the time to fuel the brain with music and get the life-long benefit of a strong mind!

Membership is the BEST for Kids!

Our Students Can PLAY!


The key to learning is PRACTICE! So, our members attend three days per week for best retention.  Parents don't need to nag, because kids love to play!

Programs for Full Comprehension


Piano is the champ that wins Best Instrument for Learning Theory!  

Members learn how to communicate with a musical language and translate it on Ukulele, AND  any other instrument.  Wow!!

Our Members Agree


'Salvador is thriving in music.  It is really helping him to stay focused." - Elvira Chiang

"I can't believe that's my kid playing!  He's so good!"  - Rena Pali

It's an Incredible Value!!


Music lessons average $45 per hour, and you must practice daily to retain the lessons.  After School Music Club

Membership includes over 140 hours each semester!!  That's $6,300 value!  

Limited Enrollment


Registration for next semester is open now.  School starts January 8, 2019.

Sign up for transportation and get a ride from school to music!

Take the musical Assessment NOW!

Checking In


Members who come in uniform with their music folder and signed practice report, get tokens to use at the snack bar during their break!  The best rewards and encouragement are when parents simply acknowledge their keiki efforts!



Personal Lessons

Weekly individual lessons for all ages!

Practice & Learn at your own Pace

with One to One instruction! 


Small Groups

Join the Band, Orchestra, Chorus, or Drumline

Weekly small groups for ALL AGES!

Visit Our Studio

Maui Music Mission

930 Wainee Street, Lahaina HI 9671

(808) 463-7856 / 808-298-6951

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09:00 am – 05:00 pm