Inspiring Hope Through Music...
Because a Dream Fulfilled is a Tree of Life

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Excites the Brain!

Music causes brain synapses to fire at a rate not seen by any other activity.  The brain is awake and alive with music!!

Furthers Tradition

Every world culture expresses it's beliefs through music.  It is a critical connection to our humanity.

Makes a Healthy Body and Mind!

Music causes many physical responses in the body including movement and memory!

Expresses Emotions

Passion, deep longings, pain, joy, and awe are bravely expressed through music!

Creative Avenue

Musical instruments and components are the tools which inspire us to create expressive works of art!

Essential in Child Development

From the ages of 8 - 12 most kids are experiencing rapid physical growth.  This is the time to fuel the brain with music and get the life-long benefit of a strong mind!

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