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What are the hours for Spirit Music Camp?

8:00 am Breakfast : 2:00 pm Pau

Is there transportation available for Spirit Music Camp?

Yes, Morning transport may be available.  Please call for a pick-up location.  

There is no afternoon transport.  Please be on time for pick up at 2:00pm

Can I join my keiki for lunch at Spirit camp?

Yes!  Our food is donated and we usually have plenty to share!

If possible, please come 15 min early and help serve.   

When are the Spirit Camp Presentations?

Friday June 14 The Outlets of Maui 5pm

Saturday June 15 Front Street Kam Day Parade 9:30 am

Sunday June 16 Lahaina Christian Fellowship 9am

How are Donations accepted?

Make your donation on the website, or bring with you to camp.  We will provide a receiving box.  You may also donate for shirts when you order your camp shirt  Donations are not required for participation.

How many keiki attend Spirit camp? What is the ratio of adults/children?

Enrollment is open to 50 keiki ages 6 - 12 years old.  There are usually 3 - 4 adults present at all times.  Small groups may have up to 15 keiki with 1 or 2 adults.