Membership Q & A


What's included with Membership?

Regardless of which programs or classes you enroll in, you are a member when you register with us.  Your membership includes invitations to special events, like theater performances, concerts, celebrations, and workshops.  Stay tuned to your email inbox for the latest information, and watch our calendar on this site for new events!  You are included!  You will receive a discount code for a free personal assessment when you complete the registration form online.

What's special about a Music Club Membership?

Music club members get first invitation and access to all the events, activities, and bonus classes that come up throughout the year.   There are little 'extras and insights' that will only be gotten by members who are present during club hours.  Check the bulletin board inside the studio for the most up to date events!

How do Electives work?

Electives are small groups which focus on a specific skill.  These 30 minute classes take place at the end of each instruction day.  Choose 2 electives for free with your music club membership.  Enrollment in electives is for all ages and open to family and community members for a monthly fee.

How many lessons do I need?

Learning music is a lifelong endeavor, and we encourage you to keep learning and setting new goals for achievement.  However, the mechanics of learning a specific song can be taught in just a few lessons.  The number of lessons needed and time commitment is totally up to the member.  Practicing daily for an hour will get you there a lot faster than just relying on your time in the studio.  After all, isn't the ultimate goal for you to play music on your own, whenever you want?  So, practice, practice, practice, and reach for those goals every day!

Are there age exceptions for Kindergartners?

Yes!  Special exception can be made for 5 year olds who attend Kindergarten.  Please call for an interview.  Enrollment will be approved based on the child's aptitudes for music, and personal stamina. We are sensitive to the needs of those little ones who have already been in school all day.  A good attitude and consistent participation are required.

Who can sign up for Transportation?

Members can sign up for transportation if they need to be picked up from KamIII, Princess, or Sacred Hearts Elementary schools.  L.I.S. Students walk to Princess for pick up.

Please provide a booster seat if you child needs one.  

Members must wear their green MMM T-shirt while waiting for, meeting up with, and traveling with Maui Music Mission.

Choose Carpool and sign the online Transportation agreement.  

Questions and Answers about Camp


What are the hours for Spirit Music Camp?

8:00 am Breakfast : 2:00 pm Pau

Is there transportation available for Spirit Music Camp?

Yes, Morning transport may be available.  Please call for a pick-up location.  

There is no afternoon transport.  Please be on time for pick up at 2:00pm

Can I join my keiki for lunch at Spirit camp?

Yes!  Our food is donated and we usually have plenty to share!

If possible, please come 15 min early and help serve.   

When are the Spirit Camp Presentations?

Friday June 14 The Outlets of Maui 5pm

Saturday June 15 Front Street Kam Day Parade 9:30 am

Sunday June 16 Lahaina Christian Fellowship 9am

How are Donations accepted?

Make your donation on the website, or bring with you to camp.  We will provide a receiving box.  You may also donate for shirts when you order your camp shirt  Donations are not required for participation.

How many keiki attend Spirit camp? What is the ratio of adults/children?

Enrollment is open to 50 keiki ages 6 - 12 years old.  There are usually 3 - 4 adults present at all times.  Small groups may have up to 15 keiki with 1 or 2 adults.